Everything You Need To Know About Moon Water

The moon serves a lot more than the purpose of being beautiful to look at and leaving you no choice but to whip out your phone and snap a photo. As one of the two luminaries in the sky, more people than astrologers and mystics can appreciate its power. After all, the moon does affect the tides. 

If you're in tune with your mystical side, you are likely already aware of the magic that a full and new moons hold. In fact, you probably have your very own ritual in place to help you harness it. The moon cycle can impact our lives much more than a simple horoscope, too. While the full moon brings with it the freeing ability to release that which holds you back, the new moon brings with it the promise of new beginnings, per Bustle.

There are a number of ways for you to bask in the lunation's powerful energy. You could choose to set aside the time to meditate and feel its power, or you could use the full and new moon energy to set intentions and put pen to paper in the hopes of manifesting what you want in life, per Byrdie. Well, there's an even simpler and even more impactful way to harness the moon's energy, and all you need is a simple glass of water.

Fill your cup with some moonlight

When the time comes for a full or new moon, you may already find yourself wanting to set a little time aside to step outside and look up at the sky. If you're particularly into astrology and mystical healing, you may even dedicate an entire ritual to the lunation. But what if there were a step you could take that could last you throughout the entire moon cycle?

"Moon water is a magical water programmed by the moon's gorgeous energy — usually under the full moon, sometimes the new moon," astrological author and poet Lisa Marie Basile explained to InStyle. "It collects the moon's radiant light and its phase properties, and it can amplify your magical workings or intentions." Making moon water is one of the simplest tasks you can do to tap into the moon's power, and you can reap the benefits for days to come. 

There's truly nothing simpler than making your own moon water. All you need to do is fill a container with water, place it somewhere the moonlight can directly hit it, and then simply set your intention and speak what you would like to manifest into reality, per MindBodyGreen. Leave it out overnight, and you're left with a supercharged cup of water. It's all the more powerful if you place a healing crystal on top of it as well. 

Moon water is the gift that keeps giving, and once you've completed the steps above there are a number of ways you can use your moon water. You can add it to a ritual bath, sip it over time to rejuvenate your body with the power of your manifestations, or even simply water your plants with it, per Cosmopolitan.